Web Access
Web Access is a secure, interactive web-based service that lets clients view seismic data at their convenience. On this site, you can locate seismographs in the field, enter blast information, view charts, retrieve data and analyze events.

More Than Just Data
This site is more than a convenient access to seismic records. It is a reliable interface reinforced by Sauls' communications network monitoring systems. It provides data that has been reviewed, filtered and supported by our experienced staff.

Our People Make The Difference
While Web Access offers the latest in computer records availability, it's the personal involvement of the Sauls Seismic staff that sets this service apart from others. When you combine this personal attention with real time information, you get the most reliable data possible.


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Sauls Seismic uses NOMIS Seismographs exclusively in all monitoring activities. NOMIS Seismographs is a world leader in vibration monitoring equipment. All Sauls offices offer NOMIS equipment support.